Introduction to sonification with microbit

Target Audience: This workshop is for the entire community and is intended for people over the age of 12. Previous knowledge in programming is helpful but not required. 

Date: to be announced.

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  • October 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to hear the stars shining, or even the brain thinking? Data sonification is the sound representation of information obtained from the observation of physical phenomena, allowing its analysis by listening to them, and is used for example in the study of astronomical phenomena. This workshop uses the micro:bit, a microcontroller with several built-in sensors, to learn how to do it.

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Why this topic?

Sonification is a broad field that brings together creativity with science and technology with application in all research fields. Plus, it’s fun!

Our proposal for this workshop:

1. Making music with micro:bit: Introduction to digital audio and its parameters (volume, frequency, timbre, tempo) to generate melodies and sounds that describe the behavior of real-time data, 

2. Programming: Introduction to block programming language (Makecode), similar to the Scratch language, intuitive and accessible also for code laymen. 

3. Electronics: Introduction to the fundamental concepts of electronics and to sensor and actuator circuits for which the micro:bit microcontroller is suitable. 

4. To equip participants with the basic concepts to sonify real-time data in an effective and personalized way. 

If you are curious to learn the more “technical” terms and have a deeper look into the topics to be covered in the workshop: