NUCLIO and InovLabs have teamed up to bring CHANGE MAKERS to schools and the community! A space for creation, learning and innovation where the only limit is imagination. Change Makers offers students, teachers, citizens and creative people the opportunity to develop projects working with cutting edge technologies (3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, web studios, among others) and with the dedicated support of professionals with expertise in various areas of science and education. Change Makers: Young entrepreneurs for inclusive and sustainable development is a project that aims to:

RAISE citizens’ voice

By supporting the creation of innovative solutions that empower the community, and that have the potential to make a difference.

Empower the community

Offering training to all age groups, promoting skills, innovative thinking and a better profile to thrive in life.

Innovate in Education

By involving schools and promoting key skills for a more educated, competent, and sustainable future.

OPEN TO schoolS

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Workshops for CITIZENS

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Certified teacher training

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