Introduction to Amateur Radio

Público-Alvo: Everyone from 10 to 100 years old!

Duração: Free

Datas: August 26, 2023 from 10am to 1pm

Have you ever imagined using radio waves to communicate with people all over the world, take part in emergency operations or simply get started in a hobby that combines electronics, telecommunications and human connections? If so, then the Introduction to Amateur Radio Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you!

Why this topic?

This workshop offers the opportunity to develop valuable skills in the field of radio amateurism, enriching one’s professional profile, opening doors to areas of employability related to telecommunications and technology, while providing a fun experience and the chance to create a community radio station in your local area, stimulating creativity and community involvement.

If you’re curious to learn the more “technical” terms and get a deeper insight into the topics to be covered in the workshop: